BLACK HOLE – Trilogy And Triathlon

BLACK HOLE is Shamel’s third creation of the “black series”

Hence the sub title “Trilogy”
“Triathlon” is a marathon in three parts.
It’s A Race.




NEXT PERFORMANCE: Israel Museum – Dec.11th – JERUSALEM


BLACK HOLE is a kaleidoscopic performance art experience using movement, light, and visual art.


Although the title is derived from the cosmic phenomenon of a Black Hole, it is not a work on explaining/sharing the science of it.


More so, it proposes to use the idea of the transformational environment of a Black Hole to create an atmosphere of mystery towards what is encompasses.


What it can contain in it.


BLACK HOLE proposes to engage an audience in a way that it condenses the experience deeply into a colorfully hypnotic journey, without exit.


The work researches and shares a performance art odyssey, in which three gifted black artists (all of african diaspora) unite to create a trinity of vigor, afro-futurism, and embrace.


BLACK HOLE proposes to engage an audience in a way that it condenses the experience deeply into a colorfully hypnotic journey, without exit.

The choreography is engaged in Shamel’s comprehensive training and teaching  in the movement language GAGA, created by Ohad Naharin.

One of the main qualities of the research will be the listening to gravity and other forces
To experience movement that is lighter than or thicker than the force and rhythm of gravity
In order contribute to density, lightness, colorfulness, and elusiveness to the form of the body and space. 



Concept and Choreography: Shamel Pitts (USA)

Performers: Shamel Pitts, Mirelle Martins (Brazil), Tushrik Fredericks (South Africa), Joy-Marie Thompson (USA), Ricardo Januário (Brazil)

Light Designer/Video Mapping Artist: Lucca Del Carlo (Brazil)

Dramaturge: Tom Love (Israel)  

Costume Designer: Naomi Maaravi (Israel), Galit Reich (Israel), Mirelle Martins

Composer/Original Music: Sivan Jacobovitz (USA)

International Relations: Katherina Vasiliadis (Germany/Israel)

Graphic Designer: Lucca Del Carlo

Marketing Strategist and Campaign Manager: Elizabeth Schmuhl (USA)

Artistic Production Associate: Mirelle Martins

Photography : Anna Kazanova (Ukraine/Berlin)

Black Hole Shamel Pitts Tush Fredericks Ricardo Januário Anna Kazanova

The work consist of three  performers for each performance:
Shamel Pitts (USA), Mirelle Martins (Brazil), and Tushrik Fredericks (South Africa)
Ricardo Januario (Brazil), Joy-Marie Thompson (USA)

The performers’ research and sharing is in relationship to the space inside of their bodies;
as well as the space between them;

The interaction between their bodies and the materialistic landscape of the environment created by Love .



Project developed with the support of TMU, American Dance Abroad, gloATL, PearlArts Studios, Dock 11 / Eden, Derida Dance Center.

BLACK HOLE – Berlin, Aug/2018

Work in Progress Presentation | DOCK11 – EDEN 

Photos: Anna Kazanova

BLACK HOLE – Sofia, Sep/2018

World Premier | Derida Dance Center


BLACK HOLE – Verbania, October /2018

Art Residency + Site Specific Version | CROSS Project





Support the Creation Process

In 2018, we have been invited to perform and participate in art residencies in Berlin, Bulgaria, and Israel. At each location, we will not only be performing BLACK VELVET, we will also be creating BLACK HOLE, the third work in the triptych.

Because this work is an international project involving artists from all over the world, your support is essential.


Photography by Anna Kazanova and Kitoko Chargois



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